Canadian Official Exchange Rate

There are Canadian official exchange rates from Bank of Canada in the table below.
The last update: 24.03.2017 (other countries)

CurrencyScale and Code Rate, CAD
USD United States Dollar1 USD 1.3333 CAD
ARS Argentine Peso1 ARS 0.08533 CAD
AUD Australian Dollar1 AUD 1.0190 CAD
BSD Bahamian Dollar1 BSD 1.3333 CAD
BRL Brazilian Real1 BRL 0.4253 CAD
XAF Central African CFA franc1 XAF 0.002192 CAD
XPF French Pacific Franc1 XPF 0.01205 CAD
CLP Chilean Peso1 CLP 0.002012 CAD
CNY Chinese Yuan Renminbi1 CNY 0.1936 CAD
COP Colombian Peso1 COP 0.000457 CAD
HRK Croatian Kuna1 HRK 0.1938 CAD
CZK Czech Koruna1 CZK 0.05320 CAD
DKK Danish Krone1 DKK 0.1934 CAD
XCD East Caribbean Dollar1 XCD 0.4957 CAD
EUR Euro1 EUR 1.4382 CAD
FJD Fijian Dollar1 FJD 0.6475 CAD
GHS Ghanaian Cedi1 GHS 0.3051 CAD
GTQ Guatemalan Quetzal1 GTQ 0.1737 CAD
HNL Honduran Lempira1 HNL 0.05678 CAD
HKD Hong Kong Dollar1 HKD 0.171656 CAD
HUF Hungarian Forint1 HUF 0.004644 CAD
ISK Icelandic Krona1 ISK 0.01199 CAD
INR Indian Rupee1 INR 0.02037 CAD
IDR Indonesian Rupiah1 IDR 0.000100 CAD
ILS Israeli Shekel1 ILS 0.3652 CAD
JMD Jamaican Dollar1 JMD 0.01034 CAD
JPY Japanese Yen1 JPY 0.01200 CAD
MYR Malaysian Ringgit1 MYR 0.3010 CAD
MXN Mexican Peso1 MXN 0.07019 CAD
MAD Moroccan Dirham1 MAD 0.1335 CAD
MMK Myanmar Kyat1 MMK 0.00097 CAD
ANG Antillean Guilder1 ANG 0.7490 CAD
NZD New Zealand Dollar1 NZD 0.9389 CAD
NOK Norwegian Krone1 NOK 0.1572 CAD
PKR Pakistani Rupee1 PKR 0.01273 CAD
PAB Panamanian Balboa1 PAB 1.3333 CAD
PEN Peruvian Nuevo Sol1 PEN 0.4108 CAD
PHP Philippine Peso1 PHP 0.02647 CAD
PLN Polish Zloty1 PLN 0.3370 CAD
RON Romanian New Leu1 RON 0.3155 CAD
RUB Russian Ruble1 RUB 0.02321 CAD
RSD Serbian Dinar1 RSD 0.01160 CAD
SGD Singapore Dollar1 SGD 0.9530 CAD
ZAR South African Rand1 ZAR 0.1067 CAD
KRW South Korean Won1 KRW 0.001192 CAD
LKR Sri Lankan Rupee1 LKR 0.008775 CAD
SEK Swedish Krona1 SEK 0.1513 CAD
CHF Swiss Franc1 CHF 1.3434 CAD
TWD New Taiwan Dollar1 TWD 0.04377 CAD
THB Thai Baht1 THB 0.03852 CAD
TTD Trinidadian Dollar1 TTD 0.1980 CAD
TND Tunisian Dinar1 TND 0.5914 CAD
TRY Turkish Lira1 TRY 0.3675 CAD
AED Emirati Dirham1 AED 0.3630 CAD
GBP British Pound Sterling1 GBP 1.6700 CAD
VEF Venezuelan Bolivar Fuerte1 VEF 0.1333 CAD
VND Vietnamese Dong1 VND 0.000058 CAD

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